Medical Grade Skin Care

At Nurse Jayme Aesthetics in Andover, MN, we are big believers in the power of preventative skin care, so we offer two of the most effective skincare lines available, Revision and iS clinical. These medical-grade skin care lines offer products designed specifically for those who want to achieve healthier, brighter and smoother skin. Keeping your skin healthy year-round and achieving a glowing complexion is simple when you invest in these products.

At our office, we understand the importance of quality, medical-grade skin care, which is why we offer Revision and iS Clinical. Both of these lines carry award-winning products that are proven to transform the skin. From cleansers and serums to moisturizers, sunscreens and more. These lines have everything you need to perfect your skin from the comfort of your own home between your in-office treatments.

Preventative Skin Care: The Secret to Keeping Your Skin Healthy

The secret to keeping your skin healthy lies between scheduling the right treatments and using the right products. Keeping your skin healthy is easy when you schedule regular in-office treatments to transform your skin over time, but you'll never see your skin's full potential if you're not using preventative skin care.

Revision Skincare

Revision skin care is a popular line that supports healthy skin and youthful complexion. This line offers products specifically designed for brightening the skin, combating redness, firming the skin, and smoothing lines and wrinkles. It also has products designed to treat the neck area, face, eye area, and body. Even though they offer several different products, Nurse Jayme Aesthetics can help you choose the right products for your skin concerns.


iS Clinical offers different products specifically designed to CLEANSE the skin. Cleansing is the foundation of a skincare regimen because it is the first step in removing oil, buildup, and makeup from your skin to prepare it for the rest of your routine. It also helps you achieve and maintain smooth skin and brighter skin.

The Cleansing Complex is a multitasking product that resurfaces, cleanses, and clears the skin. It's perfect for all age groups and skin types and can even double as a mini masque when left on for a set period. It will help you achieve healthy skin and can also be used during shaving, and is the perfect all-around product for those that want a multitasking cleanser.


iS Clinical also offers several different products in the TREAT category of their skin care regimen, which is the second step. The TREAT step allows you to perfect your skin and address certain skin conditions with different products. The TREAT line of products includes a peel system that can exfoliate your skin, an active serum that will brighten the skin, and other targeted products that have anti-aging and firming ingredients to improve the complexion on different levels.


Step three in the iS Clinical product regimen is the HYDRATE step. The HYDRATE products include three powerful moisturizers designed to hydrate the skin, including the Hydra-Cool Serum, the Moisturizing Complex, and the Sheal D. These products deliver deep hydration to the skin, and protect and strengthen the skin barrier. They also help ward off lines and wrinkles by keeping the skin supple, smooth, soft, and fully hydrated.


The final step in the iS Clinical regimen is the PROTECT step. The PROTECT step involves the application of sunscreen to protect the skin against environmental damage and sun damage, and it also protects against sunburn and photoaging. iS Clinical offers several different sunscreen options, including a sheer broad-spectrum, a hydrating sunscreen, a physical sunscreen, an extreme protective sunscreen, and a powder sunscreen. Whatever your preference or need, you can find the perfect sunscreen to protect your skin and keep it from experiencing the early signs of aging.

How To Achieve Glowing, Healthy Skin With the Right Skin Care Products

If you're looking to achieve glowing skin, it's not as complicated as you may think. The process is simple; you just need the right products and commit to maintaining a regular morning and evening skin routine so that those products have a chance to effectively change your skin. Once you develop a skin routine with the right products, it's important that you use discipline and commit to your skincare protocol.

That means washing your face and applying nighttime products even when you're tired and would rather just go to bed. A skincare routine doesn't have to eat up a lot of time in your day. All you need is five to ten minutes per day divided between the morning and evening. Once you invest in your skin with the right products and commit to taking the time to apply those products, you'll see an incredible return, that being a visibly brighter and healthier-looking complexion.

Smooth Skin and Brighter Skin Is Within Your Reach

If you need to overhaul your products and replace them with powerful, preventative skincare that has anti-aging ingredients that will help improve your complexion, reverse the signs of aging, and target your skin conditions, we can help. Our experts are ready to meet with you, evaluate your skin, listen to your complexion goals and help curate a collection of medical-grade skin care products that can help you achieve smooth skin and brighter skin. Contact us at Nurse Jayme Aesthetics today to schedule your consultation.